††††††††† May my owner treat me with love and a kind heart. With a voice filled with soft words and praise.† With hands that will only use gentleness towards me†† The compassion and desire to care for me till the end of my days. Thus in return I will walk by their side lay at their feet, be a trusting devoted companion, a forever best friend.

††††††††† When I look into those soft brown almond shaped eyes I see a soul and I wonder who couldnít answer this prayer. Love kindness and compassion, are those not the things we all desire from life.†††††

†† One idea a reader submitted was to take a blanket from the hospital that the new born was in and put it in the dogs crate to get them use to the smell. Then they would allow there malamute to come up and look at the baby and gave there malamute praise for being a good dog.

†† Another idea was too get a baby doll and wrap it in a blanket and take turns carrying it around in our arms and let them sniff it. The most important thing is having the mal see us with the baby in our arms and telling them what a good dog they are.

A husky may a one or two blue eyes, where as a malamute with have brown eyes. Also a husky will be smaller in weight 40-50 pounds, a malamute will be 65-80. Both breeds need a large fenced in yard to run and play. Both need a lot of exercise to prevent damage to house and home. A husky will get along better with other dogs in the family. A malamute can regard smaller animals (rabbits, hamsters) as prey, so great care must be given. A husky does shed all year long where a malamute blows there coat twice a year. Both breeds are very intelligent and loyal, but neither makes a good watch dog because of their friendly nature.

One of the easiest way to find a breeder is to ask people at vets, and pet stores (not stores that supply animals but stores that supply toys, food, etc) if they may know of a local breeder. You can get malamutes shipped across the country, but you donít know if there are any problems and this can be very traumatic to a puppy. Itís always best if you can find a breeder local to you, to help you with any problems or questions that you may have. Also a good breeder will have all of the papers (akc, shots, etc) readily available. Most good breeders also offer a trial period to make sure that you are happy with your new companion. Also most breeders require that if you do have to give up your mal for any reason that it goes back to the breeder.

My Malamute is four and a half. She has seen it all, born in the U.S., shipped to us in Canada, and then uprooted to Brisbane Australia for two years until finally settling back down here in Canada. My advice to anyone who has to ship their dog by air is to make sure that you are dealing with a REPUTABLE pet transport company. Her nightmare began when they sent her off to Sydney without even having confirmed her other connecting flights. (Despite having told us "no worries", everything is taken care of). Needless to say that what was already going to be an incredibly long journey for her in a sealed cage was made even longer due to the ineptitude of the employees of this pet transport company. As a pet owner, I had no choice but to use a pet transport company because the airlines will not deal with individuals, but strictly with these "agents". Her journey ended up lasting 9 hours longer than it was supposed to, and it could have been worse had we left it up to transport company to follow up on her. We knew more about her whereabouts in the system than the alleged professionals!! We paid good money to have her trip organized in such a way as to minimize her time in transit, instead we found our dog lost in the system, forgotten, and sick by the time we finally were able to retrieve her. (Update, Nikki seems to have settled back to life in Canada very well, though there were many trips to the vet in the first few weeks back!!)









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