My mal howls when she hears a police siren she sits there on her back legs head held high and a bone chilling howl this is a interesting wake up call at 3 am when a police car goes up the highway near our house.


This really happened to me with my Mal, Steele...I fed him 2 lbs. of Man-Which on a camping trip...lets just say BAD mistake!  He "tooted all night" and the look he gave us was one of pure happiness.   That is a lesson I will never forget.


Watching my Mal Hurricane running warp speed through a stream of water and drinking it as it pounds her face. How time conserving! And when she takes the time to stop and drink the water, puts her face in to her eyes and just gulps! Walking in circles as she does! What a Grin to watch!


You and your husband are sitting in the floor and you mal is laying across the couch with a look of WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!

Isn't it fun when he pulls your shoes off (laced up) when you're on the phone and he knows you're helpless!


You catch your mal on the couch when clearly she knows it is against the rules, except on Sundays of course, and she lays really still because she thinks that maybe you haven't noticed her 100 pound body and tell her to get off!


Fact:  Malamutes have their own agendas.. Period..


A malamute's diet.  Everything.  Does not discriminate.


If you have more dog hair on you then your own hair.


Five minutes after eating his food, he wants more when your eating your food!


You're reminded your malamute "owns" you every time you step over them and walk around them (because they just look so cute and cuddly sprawled out on the floor/bed/couch like a live malamute rug)!


When someone touches you or yells at you and your malamute jumps in from of them and starts "wooooing" them away.


You know a malamute owner when…

When your local vet calls you to see what the latest "chew toy" your malamute discovered was.  Thinking about the $175 vet bill for x-rays I'm reminded...remote control, kitchen linoleum, carpet pile, plastic laundry basket, wooden napkin holder, basket full of votive candles - basket too, cat toys, bugs, animals, grooming brush, it's own tail?, towel, sponge, recliner handle, magazine rack and magazines, water dish, leash, collar, crate flooring - how'd they get out anyway?, etc!)  And I thought I kept a meticulous mal found things I thought I'd hidden VERY well!


You give up some your food to your begging malamute and he won't eat it because he doesn't like it but then he sits there and begs for more.

You know that if someone tried to break in to your house your malamute would just lick him to death.


Your middle-aged dog still looks and acts like a goofy puppy.


When you drive up to a all service car wash and the workers give a moan and drop the vacuum hose on the floor and you apologize and state you don't expect miracles.


After a long walk your malamute beats you to the bed and takes up both sides.


you work as a mechanic and wear the dark blue uniform and your wife is walking with you to the car with masking tape taking off the hairs before you go to work.


Watching my Mal lie on her back, using her paws to hold an object above her face as she plays with it. (I swear she looks just like a giant bear!)


You open a window or turn on a fan and it looks like you live INSIDE a snow globe.


You know you own a Mal when your favorite chair is the one your Mal doesn’t use….


Yes, Mom, I know I haven't been home for Christmas for three years, but the airline will not budge on selling "Mckinley" a seat. Take it up with them!!


Loves to sleep under your bed, all the way under the bed, where it is dark and quiet.!


NASA asks to use your backyard to test their new moon rover









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