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We do ask that you do obtain permission before reprinting material from started as a dedicated site to Shiva & Squirt and now averages 300,000-500,000 hits a week!!!!  We are number two in a Google search for “Malamute” and the site has been in articles as far away as Australia!!!

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Welcome to the home of This site was created to entertain and educate people about the wonderful world of owning a Malamute.


Malamute’s are a larger breed with a personality that can be very overpowering for a owner that is not ready for it. Malamutes are a very intelligent and clever breed. A owner must have a lot of time and patience to own a malamute. A malamute requires a lot of daily stimulation to remain health and happy.


As you browse this site please feel free to submit pictures of your mals as I will post them for malamute lovers to see and share. Also please submit any funny or entertaining  stories to share with malamute lovers.


We would like to thank everyone who has submitted pictures, humor and stories. Please keep them coming. Also lets us know what you think, and what else you would like to see.


Submit and Idea’s or questions to Brian (at)

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Both “Shiva” and “Squirt” have been laid to rest, thank you all for the kind words. was created for them and it will continue to honor all of the mals out there!  Well the search is over and please welcome Storm and Frost (upper right corner of the page).  They are 100 pounds each and 9 months old...yep 9 months  :)


Just a FAQ, does not sell dogs.  The purpose of this site is to enjoy the breed, if you are looking for a mal I would suggest visiting your local dog shows to speak with malamute owners (as this breed can be a challenge to first time owners), also speaking with your local Malamute rescue groups about finding reputable breeders.


Many people also ask me about medical questions, I would always default to what your vet says.  My profession is not a animal medical professional.  Like you I want the best care for my dogs and for me that would be me asking my vet.

Have you ever tried to:

  A) Claim you Malamute(s) as dependents on your taxes

            (not a practice recommended by

  B) Ask your employer if you can be transferred to a cooler climate due to “Health Reasons”


Do you:

     A) Have more pictures of your mals than of your family

     B) Spend more money for dog toys than you spend on yourself.

     C) Spend your Saturday baking cookies for you Malamutes

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